evil energy AN8 45Degree Swivel PTFE Hose End Oil PTFE Fittings Adaptor For PTFE Oil Fuel Line in Fuel Supply Treatment from Automobiles Motorcycles

evil energy AN8 45Degree Swivel PTFE Hose End Oil PTFE Fittings Adaptor For PTFE Oil Fuel Line in Fuel Supply Treatment from Automobiles Motorcycles
evil energy AN8 45Degree Swivel PTFE Hose End Oil PTFE Fittings Adaptor For PTFE Oil Fuel Line in Fuel Supply Treatment from Automobiles Motorcycles
evil energy AN8 45Degree Swivel PTFE Hose End Oil PTFE Fittings Adaptor For PTFE Oil Fuel Line in Fuel Supply Treatment from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Brand Name: evil energy

Item Type: Fuel Supply & Treatment

Year: ALL

Item Width: 00cm

Item Length: 00cm

Model Name: CS00328

External Testing Certification: ISO9000

No. of Cylinders: 4 Cylinder

Item Weight: 70kg

Material Type: Aluminum

Special Features: ptfe brake Hose Ends Fitting

Item Height: 00cm

color: black

size: AN8

Angle: 45degree

unicersal: Oil/Fuel/Air/Gas Hose Line




AN8 45Degree Swivel PTFE Hose End Oil PTFE Fittings Adaptor For PTFE Oil Fuel Line 



* Products Angle: 45Degree

* Size:AN8

* Material: Aluminum

* Color:Black

* Applicable models: Generic models

* Application: Only use for PTFE hose

* Package Includes: 1 X Hose End   


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