Easy Use Dental Floss Adult Interdental Brush Dental Tool Teeth Stick Toothpicks Tooth Thread Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks in Dental Flosser from Beauty Health

Easy Use Dental Floss Adult Interdental Brush Dental Tool Teeth Stick Toothpicks Tooth Thread Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks in Dental Flosser from Beauty Health
Easy Use Dental Floss Adult Interdental Brush Dental Tool Teeth Stick Toothpicks Tooth Thread Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks in Dental Flosser from Beauty Health
Easy Use Dental Floss Adult Interdental Brush Dental Tool Teeth Stick Toothpicks Tooth Thread Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks in Dental Flosser from Beauty Health
Easy Use Dental Floss Adult Interdental Brush Dental Tool Teeth Stick Toothpicks Tooth Thread Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks in Dental Flosser from Beauty Health
Easy Use Dental Floss Adult Interdental Brush Dental Tool Teeth Stick Toothpicks Tooth Thread Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks in Dental Flosser from Beauty Health
Easy Use Dental Floss Adult Interdental Brush Dental Tool Teeth Stick Toothpicks Tooth Thread Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks in Dental Flosser from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Item Type: Dental Flosser

Model Number: DFB-1

Brand Name: FAWN MUM

Size: 50pcs/box

Material: FDA Plastic+Wire

Items name: Adults Dental Floss

Color: White

Size : 76*23mm

Material: High molecular weight polyethylene fibre food grade plastics

Commodity Quality Certification: FDA

Warranty Time: 10 years

Package Size: 53*93mm

Package: 50pcs in box

Feature: Arcuate floss bar


Easy Use Dental Floss Adult Interdental Brush Dental Tool Teeth Stick Toothpicks Tooth Thread Floss Pick Plastic Tooth Picks

Items Dental Floss For Adult
Brand Fawn Mum
Model DFB-1
Age Group Adult
Material High molecular weight polyethylene fibre Food grade plastics
Size 76*23mm
Package 50pcs/box
Feature Arcuate floss bar Ultrafine dental floss

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