Power 16W pressure 0 28 0 38mpa self priming magnetic pump for low power smoke machine stage smoke coffee machine in Pumps from Home Improvement

Power 16W pressure 0 28 0 38mpa self priming magnetic pump for low power smoke machine stage smoke coffee machine in Pumps from Home Improvement
Power 16W pressure 0 28 0 38mpa self priming magnetic pump for low power smoke machine stage smoke coffee machine in Pumps from Home Improvement
Power 16W pressure 0 28 0 38mpa self priming magnetic pump for low power smoke machine stage smoke coffee machine in Pumps from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Structure: Piston Pump

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Model Number: 33DCB-01

Brand Name: LPUP

Usage: Oil

Fuel: electric

Application: Smoke machine

Power: 16W

Pressure: ///

Theory: Pumping pump

Type: : self-priming magnetic pump

Material: : Stainless Steel

Principle:: Piston

Uses: : pumping, pumping oil

Scope: : Stage hood, coffee machine

Voltage:: 220-240V-50HZ

power:: 16W


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Electromagnetic pump in a magnetic field in the direction of energization of a fluid flowing in the electromagnetic force action of the pump, and the use of the magnetic interaction of the current in the conductive fluid, the fluid force generated by the solenoid pressure gradient to drive fluid movement in a kinds of devices, mostly practical for pumping liquid metal, also known as liquid metal electromagnetic pump.

1 conduction type electromagnetic pump principle
Electromagnetic conduction pump principle is: a conductor in a magnetic field by the current, the magnetic conductors being thrust, the three mutually perpendicular directions, the size of the thrust F = I × B × L.
Conduction electromagnetic pump without any moving parts, to solve the mechanical pump wear problems, the formation of maintenance welder. However, due to the large current electrodes in contact with the liquid metal to liquid metal conduction current process, due to the oxidation residue on the electrode attachment and shelter, causing peak instability, even the ups and downs, not stable production, domestic and imported Switzerland this model nearly 50 units have been deactivated basic.
2 induction electromagnetic pump principle
It uses the principle of the use of a single-phase C-shaped opening electromagnet, the magnetic path difference between the inner and outer rings of the magnetic field generated by the inner and outer phase, thus forming the forward field component, that is, from the leading-phase component of the magnetic field pointing to the forward phase lag. In advance of the liquid metal in the magnetic field component of the brazing material cutting magnetic lines, and therefore the force sensor is subjected to a forward, to the liquid metal solder pumping purposes.
Because of the magnetic path difference using a phase difference, the magnetic field component is formed forward, forward field component which is very limited, does not produce most of the forward thrust of pulsating magnetic field, to produce the peak width (300mm ~ 400mm width of the peak) and in Fig ultra high crest (40mm height) is very difficult.
3-phase asynchronous induction pump principle
This is another patented technology to get our country on a wave soldering machine, which not only solved the problem of peak instability conduction conduction type electromagnetic pump electromagnetic pump conduction current electrode due to oxidation caused by slag shelter, no moving parts, no current converters, maintenance-free, no wear, and high efficiency, high availability and powerful peaks and wide crest.
Three-phase asynchronous induction principle is the use of three-phase power pump mutual phase difference of 120 °, the spatial distribution, constitute their field, their resultant magnetic field, the magnetic field is a forward cutting magnetic field lines, the induced current form ahead of the electromagnetic force.
4.-phase induction electromagnetic pump works
Three-phase induction electromagnetic pump works with asynchronous motor similar structure includes a stator core and windings. After winding is energized to produce liquid metal effect a traveling wave generated magnetic field and induced current pump trench, ditch pump liquid metal that becomes a current carrying conductor, it generates a magnetic field with a traveling-wave electromagnetic force driving metal solution directional flow
Due to the direct use of three-phase power is inherent retardation, and thus substantially no pulsating magnetic fields of the magnetic field components are generated forward force is the resultant magnetic field, the principle is identical guns and thus of high efficiency, up to 70%, from three wave soldering machine-phase asynchronous induction pump constructed in addition to having all the advantages of inductive electromagnetic pump with external, such as the sound wave vibration frequency perturbation overlay welding capacity and enhance the ability to climb hole, no moving parts, no wear, maintenance-free, simple structure, etc., but also has a high crest and powerful, ultra-high crest 40mm and wide availability crest 300 ~ 400mm width.

The company specializes in research, development and production of electromagnetic pumps, now has a complete and scientific quality management system. Products are mainly used in stage smoke machine, air conditioning, coffee maker, high-end mop, hanging ironing machine, stable product quality, products sold at home and abroad, China's domestic fixed supply units are the United States, Changhong, Galanz and other groups. Feel free to contact a large number of procurement.





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